PonyTown Adventures

Lemme sleep...


PonyTown is a browser chat game from the late 2010s.

You might classify it as a modern day MUD with graphics, but with very limited mechanics. All you can really do in the game is running around, building maps, and making skins. The rest is up to your imagination: you can chat, you can roleplay, you can join improvised games. It's really the people that make this game what it is.

Join me (not actually, because you are only reading, haha) in my magical, colorful, happy – and sometimes naughty – adventures.

Note: some of the following may not be suitable for minors. So... don't read on if you are one.


Most friendships to be had are ephemeral, yet unique. They shall never be forgotten.

These are the most notable ones:

That's me. (Not actually a friend.)

Likes: bad guys, strawberries, pease, precum, Lemon Demon
Important: has a shiny butt
Important 2: distinct from a filly


Cutest bap. Not a microbiologist.

Likes: Misty, mangoes, shovels
Dislikes: amogus, naughty jokes (responds with shovels)


He's a croissant.

Likes: feet, futas
Dislikes: boring stuff
Gender: homonculus

She builds.

Likes: building
Dislikes: badly built maps

Um... what is ERP?

Green pastures. Colorful ponies. A happy place to have fun with friends.

It's great isn't it? Perfect it seems. But man's mind can only go so long until a certain thought, an idea, a spark comes up. And it always does, no matter what. That idea – the universal idea – is... But can you have sex with it?

Yes. Yes you can.


Under Construction

So much to do...