PonyTown Adventures

Booty booty booty


Height: 75 cm (2.5 ft or 30 in) to the withers, i. e. perfect for hugging and carrying around.
Age: 24
Sex: Female. Straight / Bi-curious.
Species: Unicorn. Her horn is short and round and stubby.
Wears Pants: very rarely
Hobbies: bringing you to bed and telling you a bedtime story

Green's adventurous and perhaps a little crazy, with an insufficiently developed self-preservation instinct. She goes into dangerous situations without considering first. Depending on how dangerous she's feeling, she can be confident and quick with decisions, but sometimes she gets taken aback by her own courage. At other times, she's shy and easily worried.

Being a sweet pea, Green always focuses on being nice and agreeable. You'd have to be a pretty big dick to get her saying mean things to you. And of course she's a sub.


Who's a good girl?

Noone really knows where she's from. She just popped up one day. Is she the doughter of Shrek and Donkey? Is she related to the Hulk? We may never know... But we do know she's not an anonfilly. (Notice the lack of an interrogation point cutie mark. See here to see what an anonfilly looks like.)

Though her origins are uncertain, we know some things about her recent whereabouts. It is said that she commonly hangs around ponies with Moon in their names. Odd...

Oh, and every now and then Greenie ends up in a possessive relationship.